The rules for the 2021 FoBBS / BiBS Calendar Competition is as follows:​

1.   The photographic competition is open to any amateur bonsai enthusiast from across the world.

2.   We are looking for exhibition quality displays that can consist of individual trees, group or forest plantings, which can also be accompanied by appropriate accents if desired. (An example might be a Totaname display)


It is important that displays are set against a plain uncluttered background.

3.  The request for all initial entries is open until midnight on 31st July 2020

Please ensure trees are presented to exhibition standards with tidy soil coverings and clean pots.  These all form part of the judging criteria and will boost points. The planting/bonsai may be presented on a suitable stand or table.

4. Judging to select the final 24 for a public vote will be released no later than Sunday 16th August, with the close of voting within 10 days. 

Voting will be held on this BiBs 2021 website and notified on our social media channels once open. If you wish to be made aware of voting, then please sign-up to our newsletters or follow us on your preferred social media channel here:

  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page
  • YouTube Social  Icon

The final 12 images will be selected as main pages for the 2021 calendar to be on public sale no later than 1st October 2020. Discounted pre-orders will be available on the FoBBs / BiBs website in advance once the final format is fixed and production is underway.  The other 12 images will be used as images in a year planner and if the level and quality of entries is such, at the judges' decretion, some entries may make a contact page or sub-section of the finished design.


5.  The top 24 trees winning will be based on the quality of the tree and not the photograph/s. We wish to have tight images of the trees and not of Tokonama settings - trees on stands are perfectly acceptable. The planting/bonsai can be in any bonsai form, size or style of single tree, groups or forest. 

6.  The planting/bonsai must currently be alive and the trees and image must be real, not artificially enhanced or changed in any way. FoBBs reserves the right to have this verified by a neutral witness or regional representative if required for final consideration. 

The decision of the panel of judges is final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into at any time. 

7.  Final judging will be by public vote, with the three highest voted images qualifying for the prizes offered. 

8.  The planting/bonsai may be presented on a suitable stand or table.


9.   All entries must be in a .jpeg format of no less than 2mg and no more than 5Mb to be in a 'landscape' orientation of approx twice the width to height. i.e.  2:1.  Entries can be submitted with the form on the competition webpage here:


Please provide details of the tree species and the total height of each submission. We request each individual send no more than 3 entries on a single form. Use more form submissions if you wish to include more tress or displays. and there is no limit to the number you may send.  


10. All entries must be submitted on the correct entry form with complete information on the tree, species, height, years of training, a brief history of the tree and/or owner and/or artist (contact details and possibly a short C.V.) or any information on the tree, ie, origin of pot, original designer, etc, can be added to the comments section of the entry form.

11. FoBBs retains the right to publish entries in newsletters, magazines and/or the web and their social medai channels or to use the best photographs for the 2021 calendar without compensation or remuneration. All entries agree to this and retain ultimate image copyright for their own further distribution as agreed.

12. The selected shortlist of entries will be placed on the FoBBS/BiBs 2021 Photographic Competition page where the public may participate in the vote for the top 12 trees. 

13. A panel of FoBBS judges will be appointed by the FoBBS committee to judge the trees using an agreed scoring criteria sheet.

Entries will be offered to the judging panel blind, with just images shown, so they will have no knowledge of the owners' identity.

14. The public score will be determined by the voting system that will be offered on this website.

15. The owner of the planting/bonsai will be awarded the prize, not the photographer. The photographer will, however, be given credit for their work in the form of their name being associated with the image.

16. If a member of FoBBS or FoNBC wishes to enter, then that will be acceptable so long as it is declared and they must decline any participation in judging. The entries for consideration will be judged by an independent panel, not aware of who has made the entry.

To effect this, the site admin will check compliance and offer all entries to the judging panel with no recognisable identity as to the owner.  

17. The decision on the judging panel to select the final 24 images is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

18. The prizes for the 12 selected trees will be a single 3-day pass to the BiBs event in 2021 for each owner. 

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